He was known as honest, forthright and a man true to his word. They returned to their homes and Beale, with 10 of the group, went to Virginia to hide the ore. Now at the same time, there was one Robert Morriss. Although a lucid message isn’t given, a string of numbers within the coded page deciphers to … The first deposit consisted of ten hundred and fourteen pounds of gold and thirty eight hundred and twelve pounds of silver deposited November 1819. He instructed Morriss to keep the box safe until he returned. know, but it does seem like quite a stretch. Beale was about to send scouts to search for them 4 weeks later when they had not yet returned. The purpose of the trip to Santa Fe was to hunt game. The letter was sent from St. Louis and said that Beale was on his way west to hunt buffalo and search for grizzlies. At this time he is working to complete the two decoded pages to a final draft. could affect the decoded cipher B1. over when the original key had been created. After examining the rock, they were all convinced it was gold. Most likely, the In 1885, Ward was broke and had a small pamphlet prepared hoping the general public would be able to break the codes and share some of the find with him. border: 1px solid; I shall address the issue of why Beale might have felt the need to sign Beale Cipher Decoded Menu. Since the man with the codes had never arrived, Morriss was never able to carry out his charge. Ward of Virginia to his house. as TATAB. Beale again hired local Indians to help gather the valuables in the earth. The have to be used to sign B1. The said that they had been following a buffalo herd about 250 to 300 miles north of Santa Fe. He had unusual strength and was a handsome man. The letter by letter method makes it easier to encode a message with unusual words that may not appear in the book. During that time Morriss and Beale grew to know each other rather well. The one that identifies then treasure location. He loves the outdoors and has covered thousands of miles in the pursuit of his next adventure. Men envied him and women were drawn to him. where the anonymous author chose to include the mentioned 11 words to compensate for the clerical A beale cipher is a modified Book Cipher. Before he left in March of 1822 he gave Morriss a locked iron box. As the scouts were ready to depart, two of the group came back with a story that excited the others. The First Cipher. In fact, note that if 11 words were made to occur between words 750 and border-color: #000000; Members Only; 1885 Book Review. Only the second cipher has been solved. The anonymous author could have selected one of these latter three choices, and if so, the misnumbered DOI in Ward's pamphlet Thus, the pseudo-key would permit Beale's signature ("TB") to be signed numbered beyond word 480 would be different from the letters in the original key. One gave the information needed to find the treasure and the third listed the 30 owner’s beneficiaries. Source of image. wanted to sign B1 under the conditions specified (his key had been destroyed but the work sheets containing We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. New Result: The Beale Treasure Story is Likely to be True Beale's Papers, Ciphers, and Key: The Order Created Ferdinand C. Hutter, Anonymous Author Double Encipherment Explained How Cipher No. They camped one night in a little ravine and while gathering wood one of the men came back with a lump of rock in his hand. } The work sheets contained the same three clerical errors that had occurred when the words were copied Ward. Two men were sent to get Beale and the rest of the group while the others were gathering up as much gold as they could find. Beale checked into Morriss’ hotel again. Mr. Morriss knew Beale's full name, Beale himself never gave his name in any of the papers addressed to Mr. Morriss. Beale Cipher Decoded. E. We do know one important fact: If Beale did sign cipher B1, it wasn't signed using the same exact key that was When Beale arrived, he organized the effort, hired some local Indians and they worked the mine for 18 months. The first was meant to locate the treasure. Members Only; The be Beale’s Heir. 3)Only one of the three Beale Ciphers has been solved Beale Papers #2 (solved) The ‘author’ did have one success during his efforts to decipher the Beale Papers. box to be recovered. Beale expected to be gone for two years. The initial letters of words in the pseudo-key from 1 to 480 would be the same as letters 1 The story begins in 1817. In the box were two letters and three pages of numbers. of the anonymous author, and none of the choices would have had an effect on the decoded cipher B2, although it situation in the manner described. Some of the men were getting bored waiting for spring to come and went out on their own in March. On Monday, I posted the second installment. He carried himself with style and grace. Ward worked constantly on the codes. In mid-2014 J.L.P found the key to the Beale Cipher. Source Of Image. One listed the contents of the treasure. Of course, Beale didn't know that he had accidentally omitted a line of 10 letters while 1 (B1) is decoded with a key constructed from a correctly numbered Declaration of Independence (DOI), the last two letters in the decoded text are the letters "TB." The Second Cipher. , A A B B C C C C D D Morriss never heard from anyone about the iron box again. These are the numbers for the first cipher. They set out on May 19. I considered this possibility; but it doesn't appear to work. the decoded cipher No. person other than Beale himself, e.g., one of his associates or possibly an agent engaged by Beale for They set out on May 19. Yet, cipher number 95 in Beale cipher #2 is decoded as letter "U" not letter "I." would now be numbered 760 instead of 750. However many people have questioned why Beale would require three separate ciphers each with a separate purpose. (DOI), the last two letters in the decoded text are the letters "TB." He took each number, counted the words that far into the document, and used the first letter of the corresponding word. 1 (B1) is decoded with a key constructed from a correctly numbered Declaration of Independence The purpose of the trip to Santa Fe was to hunt game. The mysterious codes supposedly gave directions to a treasure buried in a secret location in Bedford County, Va., in the 1820s. is recovered as AAABBCDLFF, and letter string ACBCDDE is recovered as ACBCDDL. They were to be out exploring for a few days. These are the things said about Mr. Beale and it is he who is the centerpiece to this mystery. If you happen to have a spare super computer laying around perhaps you could try your hand at cracking the code. "T," while word 760 (shifted by +10) was now the word "beyond" with initial letter "B." As mentioned earlier, we know from the Beale Papers that Beale So naturally, he thought that the work sheets could be used as a pseudo-key, not In 1862, Morriss summoned James B. After all, he had only two sets of letters to be double enciphered. The first Beale cipher is 520 characters long and contains a whopping 299 unique symbols—an impossibly low rate of 1.74 repetitions per character. • A famous use of a book cipher is in the Beale ciphers , of which document no. The Beale ciphers are a set of three ciphers that are supposed to reveal the location of a buried treasure of gold, silver and jewels. B. following: Instead of using the pseudo-key to sign only cipher B1, could the pseudo-key have been used also to create SORRY YOU HAVE REACHED RESTRICTED CONTENT Thomas J Beale. 1 by mere chance. I don't For the full story, check the Museum's Beale Cryptograms Page . • Richard Sorge 's spy ring in Japan used a book cipher which the Japanese were unable to cryptanalyze even after capturing both Sorge and his radio operator / code clerk. border: 1px solid; He was able to decode ‘Beale Paper #2’ revealing the contents of the treasure, by … (This assumption may be too 179 likes. Only the initial letters of words The Beale Ciphers is one of the most mysterious and extravagant ciphers known today. Then Beale created three ciphers now known as the Beale Codes.Only one of the Beale Codes – the second one – has ever been decoded. Beale Cipher Decoded Menu. Beale and the company had discussed where they could leave the details of their treasure so that any member of the party could retrieve their share at some future date. requiring him to create a completely new key. Last Friday, I posted the first story in a short series about the mysterious Beale Treasure. The Key to the Beale Ciphers has been found. It is believed that the group travel together into a hostile environment and perished. Source Of Image. He found this code was based on the Declaration of Independence. Nineteen is the distance south, Left onto second point. Moreover, the person reclaiming the box could be a to 480 in Beale's original key. In March of 1820, Beale and the others journeyed back to their mine. using the pseudo-key, the recovered letters contain a total of four errors, as follows: letter string AAAAB is recovered that it would be beneficial if he signed cipher B1. when Beale Cipher No. But later he determined 179 likes. he must have had a purpose for doing so. Over the years, people have speculated that … Someone would bring the code to him in 1832, if required. The Third Cipher. December 9, 2014 by adminjohn. In the autumn of 1821, Beale made another large deposit into the groups hiding place. The above is securely packed in iron pots with iron covers. 71, 194, 38, 1701, 89, 76, 11, 83, 1629, 48, 94, 63, 132, 16, 111, 95, 84, 341, 975, 14, 40, 64, 27, 81, 139, 213, 63, 90, 1120, 8, 15, 3, 126, 2018, 40, 74, 758, 485, 604, 230, 436, 664, 582, 150, 251, 284, 308, 231, 124, 211, 486, 225, 401, 370, 11, 101, 305, 139, 189, 17, 33, 88, 208, 193, 145, 1, 94, 73, 416, 918, 263, 28, 500, 538, 356, 117, 136, 219, 27, 176, 130, 10, 460, 25, 485, 18, 436, 65, 84, 200, 283, 118, 320, 138, 36, 416, 280, 15, 71, 224, 961, 44, 16, 401, 39, 88, 61, 304, 12, 21, 24, 283, 134, 92, 63, 246, 486, 682, 7, 219, 184, 360, 780, 18, 64, 463, 474, 131, 160, 79, 73, 440, 95, 18, 64, 581, 34, 69, 128, 367, 460, 17, 81, 12, 103, 820, 62, 116, 97, 103, 862, 70, 60, 1317, 471, 540, 208, 121, 890, 346, 36, 150, 59, 568, 614, 13, 120, 63, 219, 812, 2160, 1780, 99, 35, 18, 21, 136, 872, 15, 28, 170, 88, 4, 30, 44, 112, 18, 147, 436, 195, 320, 37, 122, 113, 6, 140, 8, 120, 305, 42, 58, 461, 44, 106, 301, 13, 408, 680, 93, 86, 116, 530, 82, 568, 9, 102, 38, 416, 89, 71, 216, 728, 965, 818, 2, 38, 121, 195, 14, 326, 148, 234, 18, 55, 131, 234, 361, 824, 5, 81, 623, 48, 961, 19, 26, 33, 10, 1101, 365, 92, 88, 181, 275, 346, 201, 206, 86, 36, 219, 324, 829, 840, 64, 326, 19, 48, 122, 85, 216, 284, 919, 861, 326, 985, 233, 64, 68, 232, 431, 960, 50, 29, 81, 216, 321, 603, 14, 612, 81, 360, 36, 51, 62, 194, 78, 60, 200, 314, 676, 112, 4, 28, 18, 61, 136, 247, 819, 921, 1060, 464, 895, 10, 6, 66, 119, 38, 41, 49, 602, 423, 962, 302, 294, 875, 78, 14, 23, 111, 109, 62, 31, 501, 823, 216, 280, 34, 24, 150, 1000, 162, 286, 19, 21, 17, 340, 19, 242, 31, 86, 234, 140, 607, 115, 33, 191, 67, 104, 86, 52, 88, 16, 80, 121, 67, 95, 122, 216, 548, 96, 11, 201, 77, 364, 218, 65, 667, 890, 236, 154, 211, 10, 98, 34, 119, 56, 216, 119, 71, 218, 1164, 1496, 1817, 51, 39, 210, 36, 3, 19, 540, 232, 22, 141, 617, 84, 290, 80, 46, 207, 411, 150, 29, 38, 46, 172, 85, 194, 39, 261, 543, 897, 624, 18, 212, 416, 127, 931, 19, 4, 63, 96, 12, 101, 418, 16, 140, 230, 460, 538, 19, 27, 88, 612, 1431, 90, 716, 275, 74, 83, 11, 426, 89, 72, 84, 1300, 1706, 814, 221, 132, 40, 102, 34, 868, 975, 1101, 84, 16, 79, 23, 16, 81, 122, 324, 403, 912, 227, 936, 447, 55, 86, 34, 43, 212, 107, 96, 314, 264, 1065, 323, 428, 601, 203, 124, 95, 216, 814, 2906, 654, 820, 2, 301, 112, 176, 213, 71, 87, 96, 202, 35, 10, 2, 41, 17, 84, 221, 736, 820, 214, 11, 60, 760. To this day only the second cipher has been decoded. Morriss knew he had little time left and told the story to Ward. And, it seems likely that signing B1 would have been part of a “The Beale Ciphers were three codes which would enable one to locate the treasure and distribute it to the rightful heirs in the event that the group didn’t survive. Morriss waited not the 10 years but 23 years before opening the box. Beale stayed at his hotel from January 1820 to March of that year. In 1998, my colleague Mr. Jerry Watt observed that Beale Papers, Watt knew that Beale always signed his name using only his initials "TJB." He signed his communications only with his initials TJB. From his study of the Beale Papers, Watt knew that Beale always signed his … Since the numbers ran so high, he figured the code key must be document based. or words 760 and 770, or words 770 and 780, in which case the word "beyond" would be numbered 750. B1 is decoded using the key to cipher B2 given in Ward's pamphlet. The treasure was to be split 31 ways with Morriss given an equal share for his handling of the distribution. from a person with Mr. Morriss' delegated authority. Members Only; Contact. B1 in a moment. He stayed through the winter. 1 using his initials. the copied DOI, numbered in groups of 10 words per group, were still available. A Review of BEALE TREASURE STORY by E. J. Easterling, New Result: The Beale Treasure Story is Likely to be True, Beale's Papers, Ciphers, and Key: The Order Created, A Pamphlet and a Book in Morriss' Personal Library, Beale's Declaration of Independence and Key Book. In his letter of January 4th, Beale refers to the members in his party, saying " Decoded Beale Ciphers. The letters also stated that the numbers were codes. Watt believed it unlikely that Beale's initials "TB" would occur at the end of to the work sheets (a good thing), and differed only from the original key by a line of 10 words that had been skipped Buddy, McKinley and Scott meet with a treasure hunter who has a complex algorithm for decoding the location of a historic treasure. December 15, 2014 by adminjohn. plan for handling some contingency. He tried for years, in vain, to decipher the numbers. If cipher B1 is decoded Paper number one describes the exact locality of the vault so that no difficulty will be had in finding it.Â. the Beale Cypher Association (BCA), was fond of saying that when B1 is eventually decoded it may be found to say something This would usually bring forth a chuckle from BCA members. SORRY YOU HAVE REACHED RESTRICTED CONTENT Search. Beale never reappeared, nor his associates, nor the man with the code key. numbered words 680 and 690, or 690 and 700, or 700 and 710, or 710 and 720, or 720 and 730, or 730 and 740, or 740 and 750, THE BEALE VAULT Was located by decoding secretly hidden directions located within Cipher One of the Locality Cipher. So let us suppose that the anonymous author had chosen to include the 11 words between words 750 and 760, Mr. Morriss had a tobacco business that failed and had entered the hospitality field. .table_d2e53 td { this purpose alone. 0. 2. or to create the letter strings in cipher B1. Beale had a predilection for handling contingencies. They related the story of the hunt, the mines, the treasure and the hiding of the treasure. In 0. Categories. The selection of 670 and 680 was strictly an arbitrary choice on the part Recall that I said earlier that the anonymous author's choice to have 11 words come That means that a second key would Late 2014 the code's have been cracked and I am working to the final draft at this time. If you decode Beale's first cipher with some versions of the Declaration of Independence, as James Gillogly tried in 1980, you'll get gobbledygook—with the exception of this pseudo-alphabetical string in the middle of the code. Therefore, the best recovery of letters in the letter strings occurs when cipher The letters were dated in January of 1822. the letter strings in B1? The first Beale Cipher revealed the location of the vault. However, the key had already been destroyed. They reburied it in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. More than a century ago, a small pamphlet was published titled “The Beale Papers,” which contained three cipher texts. The Key to the Beale Ciphers has been found. width: 100%; They intended to be gone for two years and elected Beale as their leader (referred to as Captain). Thus, it is possible (although I doubt it) that Beale could have The second was made December 1821 and consisted of nineteen hundred and seven pounds of gold and twelve hundred and eighty eight pounds of silver also jewels obtained in St. Louis in exchange for silver to save transportation and valued at thirteen thousand dollars. his copy of the DOI were still available), then he may well have handled the In the event that the giver dies, the people who have the Will shall retrieve the ciphers and decode the first cipher using the text that the clue refers to (the clue is usually something memorable like "The song we all sang together on the night your brother first went to sea" and each person who has the Will will know what song is being referred to). March 1 1819 Letters at Post Office New Orleans would instead show numbered word 750 to be the word "beyond," rather than the word "seas." The 11 words could have instead come between ... March 1 1819 Letters at Post Office New … Categories. workable pseudo-key. Skip to content. Home; About; Contact; Post; Secret Documents; US Government Connections; Why This Info Has Been A Secret From 1819; Search. They intended to be gone for two years and elected Beale as their leader (referred to as Captain). Did Beale go to these lengths? I have deposited in the County of Bedford about four miles from Bufords in an excavation or vault six feet below the surface of the ground the following articles belonging jointly to the parties whose names are given in number three herewith. It was discovered that the second cipher was a book cipher, using the United States Declaration of Independence as the key. Skip to content. He stated that if he was not contacted within 10 years to open the box. or 750 and 760, or 760 and 770, or 770 and 780. The Beale ciphers (or Beale Papers) are a set of three ciphertexts, one of which allegedly states the location of a buried treasure of gold, silver and jewels estimated to be worth over US$43 million as of January 2018. He wanted to be sure that no one was coming for the contents. A computer test provided strong statistical evidence that B1 and B3 were created with the same cipher and key. He ran a hotel and was known far and wide as an honest, trustworthy and well-disciplined man. By luck, number 760 was not used in cipher B2 nor was it used in the creation of the letter strings in cipher B1. screw up things. So they decided to take their hoard east, hide it and return for more. Beale and a party of 30 adventurers set out for Santa Fe. They knew that there was little law in the west and that their find put them in danger. Other strong support for the Declaration to be the key for the remaining two elusive ciphers is an extreme anomaly found when it is applied to Beale Cipher 1. While The distribution of cipher numbers in B1 and B3 suggests that B3 was enciphered first and B1 was enciphered second as a continuation of cipher B3. Beale and a party of 30 adventurers set out for Santa Fe. On May 9, 1822, Morriss received a letter from Beale. To recap, Thomas Beale and thirty other people excavated a massive treasure between 1819 and 1821. used to encipher Paper No. Instead of replacing each word in the secret message with a number, you replace each letter in the secret message with a number. Therefore, Beale's choice of numbers 60 The men apparently knew each other for some time and hunted game together. More importantly, the word "beyond"