Our world is much strange than it looks. The Greatest Mysteries Of Human History: The Lost City of Atlantis. These are regular people like Aurel Raileanu and Brenda Allison, who display the uncanny ability to draw metal objects like a particular X-Men villain you may have heard of. The Mint of Poland, located in Warsaw, boasts over 250 years of history and is best known for its unique-shaped coins. Search for truth has been mankind’s biggest motivator to move ahead. We at Cracked aren't going to be satisfied until we've sucked every last mystery from the world like the final gurgling slurps of a milkshake. Planet Earth is a wondrous place that never ceases to amaze with its majestic natural wonders and jaw-dropping man-made marvels. If you only know the term "Men in Black" from the Will Smith movie, you should know that the mythology of the MiB predates it by decades. Using a linen sheet laid over a volunteer and an acidic pigment (tactics and materials available to a 14th century forger), then artificially aging the cloth to make it appear a couple hundred years old, he and his students created a pretty damn impressive replica of the shroud in 2009. sindonologyIf the messiah was Hulk Hogan. science.howstuffworksWhile Indiana Jones 4 just has the reputation of having Shia LeBeouf. Copyright ©2005-2021. Here are some of the best enigmas the world has to offer… 2. Do you possess expert skills in image creation and manipulation? world-mysteriesHere's a man communicating with the skull because he claims it's operating on a human level. No non-ghost boat can do that. For things that we already knew, check out 6 Famous Unsolved Mysteries (That Have Totally Been Solved) and 6 Famous Unsolved Mysteries (With Really Obvious Solutions). Actually, it's the other way around. Even today, these 7 historic places remain obscure and mysterious to us: Want more unsolved mysteries? The Malaysian Airlines Flight. Once ready, the pictures could easily be manipulated with a cleaning agent, such as, say, the concrete stain removal product readily available at the local pharmacist. No, seriously. 7 Biggest Mysteries in the World It’s true that curiosity does kill the cat, but sometimes humans are unable to figure out certain things. To further impugn Barker's record, he and his friend James Moseley once got their hands on some blank government stationery and sent a hoax letter to a fellow UFOlogist. MH370 was the flight number for a Malaysian Airlines plane that went missing while en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on 8 of March 2014. By. As implied by the name, it actually flies. Mitchell-Hedges was full of shit about where it came from doesn't necessarily rule it out as a fake, right? You can create an infograpic and you could be on the front page of Cracked.com tomorrow! Visions of auras can be caused by defects in your own eye, brought to you by medical conditions such as migraines, epilepsy and eye burns. Are you frightened by MS Paint and simply have a funny idea? How many of them can possibly be out there? A serial killer operating in California in the 1960’s and 70’s, he sent a series of taunting letters to the local press, referring to himself as “Zodiac” and including a total of four crytograms. Do a simple Google search today and you get a whole bunch of sources claiming this is still a huge mystery. Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. So we'd have to believe that a really rich dude was somehow unable to afford the same super-shroud as a local carpenter who died a penniless criminal. When it comes to naming the world’s greatest hits, seven seems like an awfully small number. Main Blog > 7 Strange Mysteries of World War One. We study the big wars of history, but there will always be things we don't know due to the chaos, death, and destruction all wars bring. The shroud, mentioned only vaguely in the Bible, resurfaced in the possession of a knight in Lirey, France, in the year 1390 and made its way across churches in Europe. But what about the storms? Stonehenge is a legendary neolithic monument made using stones transported to the Wiltshire countryside from Wales and built for unknown purpose. Thus, here are seven mysteries that have enthralled human imagination for decades -- if not centuries -- that were actually solved long ago. We have photographs of them. WikipediaCracked points are redeemable only for shotgun shells and expired peanut butter. What we know, however, is nothing compared to the questions left unanswered. The current champion managed to lift, get this, a 92-pound slab of stone with his skin. nevemoonWe're calling the old dead-bodies-buried-in-the-concrete trick. We at Cracked aren't going to be satisfied until we've sucked every last mystery from the world like the final gurgling slurps of a milkshake. Do you have an idea in mind that would make a great article? But there are some other explanations for why auras have featured prominently in iconography even before this neat camera trick. Many of the unsolved mysteries of the world are actually murder mysteries with one of the most infamous cases being that of the "Zodiac Killer". This face, which would be known by ghost freakouters throughout the world as La Pava, was a terrifying ghost face that had appeared out of nowhere in the actual concrete. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. The Flying Dutchman is heavily associated with the areas that have conditions ideal for fata morgana mirages, such as the North Sea (the phenomenon is most likely to occur in colder water temperatures). The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World were marvels of architecture, human ingenuity, and engineering on a scale that even the greatest artists of contemporary times would have a … Looks like you're feeling very apple today.". Hint: The solution never involves magic. The scientists found that the faces' chemical composition strongly resembled stains left by an oxidizing agent. Soon, more faces started to appear. That's right, the Mothman was invented by Barker, too. Rome, Italy hosts the Colosseum, which is one of the world's seven wonders. In fact, Walsh thinks that the skull was probably carved sometime in the 1930s. But our planet isn’t without its fair share of mysteries, either. The effect is much more dramatic if the subject is keen and nervous about, well, having an electric current shot through his body. According to Maori legend, the boulders are the remnants of eel baskets which washed ashore after legendary canoe, Araiteuru, was ship-wrecked. That's how you know it's a ghost ship and not just some regular ship you've mistaken for one -- it's the one that's hovering above the water. Barker was a credible journalist -- and by "credible journalist" we mean the exact opposite of both of those things. Cracked is published by Literally Media Ltd., 7 Famous 'Unsolved' Mysteries (Science Solved Years Ago), Into The Dark World Of YouTube Blood Rituals, The Janky Bootleg Version Of 'Karate Kid' (From The Actual Crew), 6 Crazy Tales Of Japan's Two Badass Robin Hood Figures, TikTok Teens Hope Capitol Attack Serves As A Wake Up Call To Congress To Act On School Shootings, 13 Jock Cameos That Shows Thought Would Be Funny (For Some Reason), found that the shroud was dated to around the 14th century, linen sheet laid over a volunteer and an acidic pigment, created a pretty damn impressive replica of the shroud, knew the shroud was a hoax and actually had a confession from the unnamed artist who faked it, The 5 Most Bizarre Things People Have Done With Dead Bodies, Designer Pasta Means Rich People Have Run Out Of Ideas, 13 Old-Timey Photos You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped 3, The 7 Most Horrifying Things Ever Discovered in a Human Body, the exact opposite of both of those things, Two Black Men Were Kicked Out Of Walmart By Police For Wearing Facemasks, Of Course Pitchfork Crapped On ‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’, the skull is related to the Mayan 2012 doomsday prophecy, 6 Famous Unsolved Mysteries (That Have Totally Been Solved), 6 Famous Unsolved Mysteries (With Really Obvious Solutions), Happy 10th Anniversary To 'Crystal Monsters,' The Dumpster Fire 'Pokemon' Rip-Off, The Weird, Weird Tale Of Mike The Headless Chicken, Gen Z Thinks We're Old For Doing These 12 Things. philipcoppensMan, are the aliens going to be disappointed when we've scienced every mystery to death. There are plenty of wild conspiracy theories, like that the monument was commissioned by a Luciferian secret society announcing the beginnings of a new world order, but the truth remains elusive—and for now, it's one of the most impressive unsolved mysteries of the world that you can find on the side of the road. Not a real one, of course -- that would've presented a very different kind of dilemma. Numbering near 50, the diameter of the boulders range between half a metre (1.6 ft) and approx 2.2 metres (7.3 ft). Wikipedia"Phew! 6. This is particularly impressive when you consider that stone isn't noted for its magnetic properties. Stonehenge is truly one of the great unexplained mysteries of the world. Oh man, we're doomed. Even rudimentary? How many optical illusions do you know that can control the weather? As far as the five other skulls? 7. Anna and her father later discovered that the skull was 3,600 years old, and was concisely called "The Skull of Doom." The Voynich Manuscript. If you're fascinated by places with mythical origins or unexplained phenomena that will give you goosebumps, you’ll be intrigued by these enigmatic spots around the world. Scrubbing and cleaning did nothing to remove it. This might not actually be far from the truth. You all wish those hands weren't there so we could see what the King of Kings is packing. In fact, he frequently played pranks on other UFOlogists because he felt like they were taking things too seriously. Randi actually proved this theory on the field by rubbing talcum powder on human magnets, who instantly, magically lost their powers like it was Kryptonite. I also want to get Early Bird Books newsletter featuring book deals, recommendations, and giveaways. ... We are happily prepared to leave 'this world' and go with Ti's crew." It was found in Belize in 1924 by Anna Mitchell-Hedges, daughter of explorer F.A. Then in 1970, he published a book titled The Silver Bridge, an account of the "Mothman" sightings in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, which he admitted to his friend John Sherwood contained fictitious and exaggerated accounts. They're either government agents or entities posing as government agents, who make vague threats and attempt to intimidate people into keeping quiet about what they saw. The best known are those of the 2nd-century- bce writer Antipater of Sidon and of a later but unknown observer of the 2nd century bce who claimed to be the mathematician Philon of Byzantium. A study commissioned by the Spanish Ministry of the Interior -- the very same one that found no traces of paint -- broke down all the substances found in and around the faces. In the case of human beings, it also captures the cloud of sweat floating around the filthy, filthy hippie in question. Yes! The number Seven (7) is an indicator of perfection, prosperity and happiness as per sayings of the Greek culture. It's the ultimate religious artifact of our times, considering we still haven't found the Holy Grail yet. The world is full of unsolved and greatest mysteries, some that invoke the supernatural. And for a fee, professional aura readers who butcher the Papyrus font can take a look at your aura and tell you exactly what your spiritual malaise is based upon their handy color chart. The Lost City of Atlantis is one of the oldest and greatest mysteries of the world. If you guessed "the ones right before a storm hits," you win 12 Cracked points. Want more unsolved mysteries? Out of all 7, Hanako is the 'boss'. Let’s read about 10 unsolved mysteries of our world. Kamome Gakuen also has a set of 7 mysteries. Guess we still haven't found what we're looking for.". Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons; 7. The last of this collection of unsolved mysteries took place on March 8, 2014, while flying from Malaysia to China, a Boeing 777 carrying 239 passengers and crew members seems to … Subscribe. Various lists of the Wonders of the World have been compiled from antiquity to the present day, to catalogue the world's most spectacular natural wonders and human-built structures. Using a scanning electron microscope, she found that the skull hadn't been polished with sand, but with a high-speed diamond-tipped rotary tool, which, if you're keeping score at home, would not be a thing ancient Mayans would have.