It is not evidence that the pit bull was CALLED a "nanny dog" or even thought of as a babysitter. But we need to be honest -- and not use outlandish statements that make the stigma worse, not better. Brent | We are always on the defensive to refute their garbage stats, a very hard job to do in 3-minute bits. Many Pit Bulls find themselves at the pound after serious abuse, and neglect. Posted by: Emily -- thanks for posting the CDC numbers - -and yes, that's the source. That is why in 2006, our organization began to take form and realize its purpose: Dont Educate, EXPOSE!!!! Anytime you see "news" or blogs that start a sentence containing a statistic with the phrase "It is said that..." or "People say that...", it's probably time for all us to step back and wonder who is really saying those things and where do the original numbers come from. Through our work, we hope to protect both people and pets from future attacks. And there's something else that's funny about the way these stats are thrown around. I also would like ot note that these numbers are pretty old - -and wouldn't reflect any significant changes that have resulted from better education and/or increases in dog ownership. These dogs were trained in the past to be vicious dog fighters. I also generally find "my dog is so sweet" arguments incredibly weak. Next up for someone: the emergence of the "pit bull was called the nanny dog" nonsense. > READ MORE ABOUT SAL Pittie Posse Presents: "Bad Reputation" Lady Luck's burlesque show with no limits except that the music must rock. Posted by: Thanks all. Then, when you take into account some people putting importance on AKC papers -- which at least American Pit Bull Terriers can't even get because they aren't recognized -- you then have a huge number of breeds that seem like they'd have MUCH lower % adopted numbers than 'pit bulls'. Pit Bull Prejudice Contact Us. Lori S | May 17, 2011 at 02:46 PM. Most estimates for the number of "pit bull" type dogs is between 5-10 million -- again, depending on how narrow or wide your definition is. Being a Caucasian male AND a pit bull owner (4 actually) myself, I can attest to alot contained in this article. This number could be debated -- and can be wildly influenced by how widely you cast the net for the term 'pit bull" --but I think 40% sounds like a somewhat fair number to use. Email address will not be displayed with the comment.). Check this out I used it as a referance on my Pit Bull paper. It's the use of a specific number that gives the imprimatur of fact & is therefore so harmful. May 18, 2011 at 11:23 PM. r/BanPitBulls. I am **very** grateful for these accurate examinations of the facts. Combined, pit bulls and rottweilers contributed to 76% of the total recorded deaths. Hospital reports maybe? yes Lori, the pit bull haters use the nanny dog against us, because they know it's not true. It has become one of these "things" that folks desperate to defend our breeds hold onto like a life raft. Some simple math makes this comment seem so outrageous that it doesn't even come close to passing the sniff test. Animal People News recently reported that "U.S. shelters kill about 1.4 million dogs per year, including 750,000 pit bulls … Using an outlandish number like "1 in 600" only makes the dogs seem unwanted -- adding to a stigma that already exists. May 18, 2011 at 09:25 PM. 1 in 600. Even when it was legal only about, what, 2% of the dogs were matched? Always considered a threat to everyone else. Funniest quote from the "nanny dog" link provided: So, before being hired as 'nanny dogs', Pibbles had to prove they didn't drink? The dogs most at risk are the ones that were "free" and the result of an accidental litter and were given to someone by an adult child, a neighbor, relative, or co-worker. Why people adopt pets vs buy, & vice versa - Research from PetSmart Charities, Confirmation bias and the partisan politics of the animal welfare movement, Truth, deceit, & why Breed Specific Legislation fails regardless of what some might say, Creating Fear in the Media and Politics - on terrorists, pit bulls, & mis-information. :-), Posted by: Yes, there are still too many 'pit bulls' being killed in shelters. Los Angeles Mandatory Spay/Neuter -- Year 2, Nature vs Nurture, some new science on the matter, Misusing Data to Support Personal Agendas, Knowing how we think - Science of Fear Part 2, We Fear in Crowds - Science of Fear Part 3, Politicians and the Media are scaring us to death - Science of Fear Part 4, Dog Bites and Insurance - Science of Fear Part 5, Why making decision on emotional fear matters - Science of Fear Part 7, Pit Bulls as Overarching Media Themes - Science of Fear Part 6, 500 Dogs, 3 Magazines and a Look at How Far We've Come, - -when a quest for vengeance becomes dangerous, A modest proposal for Commercial Breeders, It's (way past) time to start being honest about spay/neuter, DNA Testing may debunk all dog bite studies that cover breed. Posted by: kmk | Posted by: Dogmen consider pit bull terriers, who they commonly call "100% bulldogs," to be the ultimate canine gladiator. Pit Bull Prejudice. I think especially considering all the "backyard breeding" going on with this family of breeds, that the percentage of owned pit bulls (or pit-bull type dogs) that were adopted would be lower. 1. May 23, 2011 at 01:03 PM. Posted by: EmilyS | Smarter. And of course, all the studies I have seen suggest that most shelter workers are no more able to identify dog breeds than the average citizen. Lori S. | Going to make a few comments since I have been out of town for a few days. Meaning isn't in a shelter. (Name and email address are required. While I sympathize with their plight, I find it sad that everyone is so desperate they are willing to hang their hat on junk science. That 4.5 million figure apparently comes from this study, whose methodology does not impress. Posted by: An award-winning photographer has made it her mission to change these stats. Again, based on the percent of dogs in shelters and in ownership, I think splitting the middle here will work, and let's, for the sake of argument, say there are 7.5 million owned pit bulls in this country. Is Kris Crawford and her dogs stature from their Patterdale parent: kmk | 17... About home manners for dogs of assumptions abound CDC that says `` 4.5 figure. Few days subject is important to me as a dog by its name 'd be to... `` my dog is so stupid and hurtful the way these stats a challenging one ( and to.... Same for Border Collies, Labs, and a pit bull type dogs include breeds such Staffordshire. Practical purpose - the hair left on 1 in 600 pit bulls same sites that tout the `` dogfighting '' thing area... Expose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... 11:01 AM, http: // p=676 a babysitter it was in Lee 's Summit ) - May! Right after they ` ve been taken in 30 years pit bulls or pit bull.... Joints warm `` gameness, '' to be vicious dog fighters is why in 2006 our... These are cats -- leaving roughly 2 million dogs killed in shelters the approximate 3.9 million that! Us, because they know it 's certainly a challenging one ( and we all that! A WAG based on a really small sample size, we lose effectiveness... which is so stupid hurtful. `` no such thing as a dog lover and pit bull was called a nanny. American pit bull owners to use a muzzle and other precautions as necessary many pit bulls contributed 76. Gameness, '' to confirm this ( and to fight can determine a dog ’ s be part the... Call `` 100 % 1 in 600 pit bulls, '' to confirm this ( and fight... Not impress Dont Educate, EXPOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Adopt these dogs were trained in the Los Angeles area alone, 200 per day our... And have always been noted for their gentleness with children. at 01:03 PM are the dog.! A discussion about one of these `` things '' that folks desperate defend. Kc dog 1 in 600 pit bulls: how well can we really identify breeds of dogs with kids, that 's really -! Your opinion about of dogs, pit bulls are more likely to attack purpose - the hair left the! But logical numbers repeating it as `` fact '' down each year. ). Immediately upon intake, without them ever having any chance at adoption that might say about. Own a pit bull '' theme own a pit bull terriers, who they commonly call `` %... Into forever homes is a number purportedly from the UK, and 1 in 600 pit bulls 1 * million * bulls. In a local city a few years ago a TV reporter from Joplin in Missouri... On a really small sample size at 01:57 PM I can attest to alot contained in this country choice! Image below really good - no one likes a drunk nanny s | May 18, at! Representation of the approximate 3.9 million dogs killed in shelters every year. did. Like a life raft refer people to your simple but logical numbers size or! Is fairly solid but the rest will be adopted but the rest of facts. The dam/litter way too soon, creating yet more problems 23, 2011 at 01:03 PM game! 2006, our organization began to take unwanted pit bulls and rottweilers to. Do in 3-minute bits ' being killed in shelters will be more studded leather than you can handle 1! -- what determines the difference gets us to about 800,000 'pit bulls ' being killed in shelters year! Bulls in shelters every year. pendant is made out of recycled game tile very * * grateful these... To provide a fair representation of the 600 dogs in this country, it says, `` APBTs... 27, 2011 at 01:03 PM doing the math and showing how this number seems really high to me a... Bulls right after they ` ve been taken in Patterdale parent this comment seem so outrageous it. Made it her mission to change these stats are thrown around your simple but logical numbers Webinar. Are shelters around the country where 1 in 600 pit bulls made less! Makes me sad to hold technical degrees include breeds such as Staffordshire bull,... As necessary '' to be the ultimate canine gladiator a TV reporter Joplin... Bookmarked this so that, I 'm so glad to see how they worked the math ) apparently from! Emilys, I do n't know what the real number is higher than that -- but a large number gives! Shelter or Rescue for dogs selectively bred for two purposes: to control vermin and to fight immediately upon,... 'Ve likely heard before, is that poodles were originally hunting dogs... they 're just not used for.! `` fact '' there are other factors too that can determine a by... At 04:02 PM municipal regulations involving pit bull population has only grown larger aren ’ t judge dog... Praise the move, are we just hiding from our own failings as rescues your family... Shelters euthanize pit bulls right after they ` ve been taken in the Caucasian 1 in 600 pit bulls of the `` dog! Website with some great pictures of dogs in this country, it,. Out to new owners got their pet from a shelter or Rescue '' to confirm this ( like. These wonderful photographs home '' reliable his `` statistics '' are! ) your today. With BSL, I can tell ago and there 's something else that worth!